The entrance opens Thursday at 17:00. Here you can buy tickets for the festival, that have not been bought in pre-sale. Here are also information, bus plans and lost items. You can pay with cash or MobilePay, but not cards. You can withdraw money via MobilPay at the festival, at a minimum of 200 dkk (25 euro).

The entrance’s opening hours are: Thursday 17-22, Friday and Saturday 9-22 and Sunday 9-11.

If you come after the opening hours tickets can be bought in the Satellite bar by Danseladen.


You can’t pay with card at the festival. You can pay with cash or MobilPay in the bars, Mopf-shop and the entrance. You can make a withdrawal via MobilPay at the festival, at a minimum of 200 dkk (25 euro). The closest ATM is in Præstø about 7km from the festival, you can also get money by buying from Fakta. (3km north from the festival)


The festival is about 1 hours drive South from Copenhagen, and about 1 hours drive North of Rødby. Take the exit 38 Tappernøje, take a left turn and drive through the town Tappernøje, straight across the traffic light and continue down Smidstrupvej. (GPS 55.157019,11.992811) Carpool can be coordinated on the FB-event.

Public transportation: 

From Køge station you can take the bus 102A towards Præstø, it stops directly at the festival site. (stop: Skovmosevej)

You can plan you trip HERE with Journey Planner, or check local busstop.


Camping is at the local camping ground, ‘Evalds Camping’ owned by Gitte. The address is Smidstrupvej 66 4733 Tappernøje. There is also room for autocampers and caravans.

Free showers and car parking when camping.


Thursday til Sunday 195 kr pr person

Single night: 75 kr pr person

Children under 15 free when with an adult

Domitory in “Gildesalen” 100 kr pr night. (can be booked with Gitte on  +45 6174 4329.)

Rooms at Bosei Folk HighSchool

You can arrange to stay at Bosei for 500 kr pr night, for a 2 single bed room.

Address: Idrætshøjskole Evensølundvej 5 | DK-4720 Præstø. 

Click here for more information

Will soon be translated.

Først til mølle, bookes senest 28. juli via tilmeldingsblanket som åbner i linket HER.

Højskolen er lukket i uge 32, men vi har et samarbejde, der gør det muligt for gæster på Musik over Præstø Fjord at overnatte. Der er 5½ km. Ruten findes HER.

Medbring selv sengetøj/sovepose og lagen. Der er toilet og bad for enden af gangen. Værelset efterlades i ryddet stand, senest søndag kl. 10.00

Skriv navn og mobilnummer på en kontaktperson pr. rum du booker, samt navne på samtlige overnattende i rummet.

Betaling med MobilePay på 28808 eller på konto reg. 3444 kontonr. 344312432 

HUSK AT ANFØRE DET NAVN SOM ER ANVENDT VED  BOOKINGEN. Bookingen er først effektueret, når betalingen er gået igennem. Medbring kvittering ved udlevering af nøgler, som foregår i indgangen på festivalen mellem kl. 10.00 – 21.00. Mange tak


Registration to become a volunteer is through this link:

8 hours of work gives a free festival wristband. You get free admittance to whole duration of the festival but nothing else. 12 hours of work during the festival gives a free festival wristband as well as dinner Friday and Saturday. TEAM members who work at least 16 hours get a free festival wristband, food and free camping during the festival.

A huge thanks to all our volunteers!


There are toilets as well as a handicaptoilet at the entrance to the field close to  Cafe-scenen and yellow corner for men in the bottom of the festival grounds by Viseteltet. For women there is an outhouse behind the children’s tent. There is the possibility of a cold outdoor shower by Bålhuset, but no other bathing facilities for festival guests and 8-hour volunteers. Musicians and  TEAM members have access to hot showers.


We all help to keep the festival grounds clean. Please clean up after yourselves and the person next to you. Single-use cutlery and other forms of trash can be thrown in one of the many garbage bins on the festival grounds. There are set up white bins where you can throw away your plastic bottles and cans, as well as smaller bins for glas bottles. There is a garbage station in the eating area by Cafe-scenen and by the bar “Den våde violin”.


Breakfast is served between 8:30-10:00 after you can buy sandwiches/salads in the bar. Dinner is served at 18:00, whereafter the kitchen closes. There is communal dining at 18:00. In the evening you can buy warm soup in the bar. You are allowed to bring your own food and drink. We prefer you to buy the dinner tickets with your ticket in pre-sale. Breakfast tickets can be bought in the MoPF shop, preferably at arrival so we now how many we are.


Samaritans are sitting ready with bandaids left of the entrance.

Music over Præstø Fjord


Smidstrupvej 69, 4733 Tappernøje, Denmark


CVR number: 32204945

P-number: 1024910667

Bank: 4880-3444312432


Smidstrupvej 66, 4733 Tappernøje, Denmark


Follow the signs - depends on the harvest!

Be Aware: All movement is at own risk!

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